Idle Dungeon


Updated the game to Alpha version 8.21.

The settings have changed to Idle from the start of the game.

The price of the quests go up when a quest has failed.


I updated the game 4 times now and the last time was on 20 December 2017.

The game is in Alpha and the latest version is Alpha 8.20. This is exe file: Idle_Dungeon_alpha_slots_inv

I changed the keys in the menu!!!

Added a hud in the dungeon room.

Added buttons.

Added textboxes.

Description on each button in the textboxes.

Added a inventory with twenty slots.

Added a storage with 270 slots where items can be used and sold.

Added 270 Items.

I love to see some comments, tips or just say hi when you try the game.

Hope the players have fun with it, and you can always ask questions about the game.


Idle_Dungeon_alpha_slots_inv.exe 29 MB
Dec 29, 2017

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