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--- 07-01-2014 ---

Dungeon Slash 2 (light version)

Beta 1.0

Dungeon Crawler.

20 dungeon levels

Try to free the princess and slash the bad guy.

For a good start, when the tutorial is done, buy 15 dwarven axes and 15 iron shields and around 20 pixie dusts.
Before entering the first dungeon left click on the dwarven axes and iron shields in the inventory till they all are gone.
This will build up the hero's sword strength and defence strength.
Your hero start at level 1. So don't go slashing level 4 or 5 enemy's in the beginning. Your hero will loose the battles then.
Later when you know the game better, you can attack enemy's way higher then your hero and slash them.

Clicking the pixie dust in the inventory restores the hero's health. It will be restored with the amount of health he has left. So 2 health left, gives 2 health restoration. 10 health left will give 10 health restoration.

Scrolls will restore the hero's magic health. Book scrolls will build up the magic strength.

This is the light version of Dungeon Slash 2.

Its in Beta and I would like it a lot when you let me know what you think about it, and what can be improved or altered. 


Left click the enemy's to attack them with your sword.
Right click the enemy's to unleash firemagic on them.

Enemy and hero sprites made by David Gervais.

A hero...

20 dungeon levels. Dungeons grow bigger every level.

A trader with a store... 20 slots ... 147 items

A wizard... offcourse...

A monk with quests... more then 100 quests

A collector with quests... more then 100 quests

Lots of enemy's...

Leftclick on a enemy to hit it with your sword

Right click with the mouse on an enemy to unlease the firemagic...

Teleport book...

Health book...(Red book) (It never expires)

Magic health book (Black book) (it never expires)

Added a description for the enemy's that are caught on 07-01-2014
Added a description for the enemy's in the dungeons on 12-01-2014
Added the possibility to restore health with the space bar when in possession of the Magic health book (Red Book)
Added the possibility to restore Magic health unlimited with the Black magic Book

Repaired an issue with the save games. Its now possible to save also in the dungeons.

Updated to beta 1.7. Made some small changes in the game.

Test played the whole game, as far as I can see are there no more bugs, Solvius.


To do:

Dungeon Slash 2 (medium version). More dungeons, more enemy's.


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